Sarah's Machine Quilting, Sales & Service

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Hand guided long arm machine quilting

5308 N. Mechanicsburg Road
Middletown, Indiana 47356
Business phone 765 779-4400


Minimum charge is $40.00

My quilting starts at $.02 per sq. in (width times length times .02)


72 X 90 = $129.60 ;  81 X 96 = $155.52 ;  90 X 108 = $194.40

This price includes thread.  This price range includes edge to edge pantogram in repeating rows, or some hand guided designs such as loops, loops and stars, and large to medium stippling or meander.

There will be an additional charge for detailed custom work such as feathers, close meandering, individual block designs, multiple thread color changes or borders quilted separately.  Usually $0.03 per Sq. In.

 When furnishing batting and backing, please include a minimum of an additional 8" length and width.

Please trim threads.

 I carry many battings in stock.  I also have about 50 bolts of 108 inches and wider backings in a variety of colors and neutrals. 

 Please do not pin or baste your quilt sandwich.

 Sheets may be used for backings if you choose. Please remove hems then wash and dry twice.

 Remove selvedges from seams when piecing the back and allow 1/2 inch seam allowance, preferably pressed open.

We can baste your quilt sandwich for hand quilting for  $.005 per  Sq. In.

Please stitch down any 3 D items on top, such as flanges, bow ties or prairie points. There will be an additional charge if not stitched down.

We do not smoke and our pets are not inside.
For more information, please call.
Call for a booking date.  We are open by appointment.

Sarah's Machine Quilting,  Sales, & Service
Middletown, Indiana
765 779 4400